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Case Study - PicNut



PicNut is a mobile app that was conceptualized and designed to enable seamless photo sharing with friends. It allows a group of users from the same event to pool together their photos, which are later automatically saved to the user’s Dropbox account. In a few clicks, PicNut lets its users to collect photos among friends and upload the entire set on Dropbox.

Client Specification

The client approached IT Chimes with a simple, but exciting idea of creating a mobile platform that is dedicated at removing the tedious process of collecting photos after an event or a party among friends. Our creative team instantly identified with the premise and designed a project outline, which the client loved it. And so started the success story of PicNut.


The PicNut concept was entirely unique, and yet so simple that our mobile app development teams loved working on the project from the onset. The creative teams worked on providing a stunning user experience to the mobile app, while development teams looked after the technicalities and delivering a sound, flexible and performance-oriented platform.

Technologies Used

The app was developed using ASP.Net for its impeccable development attributes, outstanding compatibility across different platforms and seamless interaction assistance between the app and the database. PicNut was to be developed for Android later, so we kept the same database and JSON services, such that both iOS and Android developers could use the same services as the primary logic will remain same for both.

PicNut Features

  1. Automatically add photos – PicNut’s Camera Timer sets a START and END time for photos to be automatically added to a collection once the user takes them on the phone.
  2. Easy access to add members and photos to a collection – If the user wants to join a collection after the event has taken place, PicNut will show all the photos taken during the time of the event, making it quick and easy to share and contribute photos.
  3. Link with Dropbox – The user can choose to link to any collection with his/her Dropbox account, and the photos will be saved on that particular Dropbox account.
  4. Auto Save – Allows any newly added photo to a collection to be automatically saved to the linked Dropbox account.
  5. Administrator Rights – For enhanced privacy, the administrator can restrict how a participant joins a certain photo collection, and which participants can save photos to their Dropbox account.


  1. PicNut app is able to receive initial startup funding.
  2. The app has been downloaded over 10,000 times on iTunes.
  3. PicNut’s success on iTunes is behind the upcoming launch of the PicNut Android app on Google Play store.

PicNut receives widespread appreciation with many rip-offs already being made available in the market.

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