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Case Study -Rumizon

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Requirement Statement

The owners of Rumizon approached us with the demand of an eCommerce website. Unlike the common stuffs like apparels, shoes, electronics, etc., Rumizon has something unique to offer. The company sells elegant furniture, home décor accessories and gift items. Our challenge was to build an eCommerce website that can significantly convey to the customers the real charm of Rumizon’s unique collection, which is a hand-selected collection, which has been gathered from the Middle East. So, the demand was for a website that can truly reflect the exquisite beauty of the complete collection and can attract maximum numbers of customer to visit the website.

Solution Offered

Before starting the website development process, we undertake an idea generation and idea sketching session. Here we concentrate on the various aspects of the customer’s demand and accordingly try to create the layout draft of the website. So, we cited the following requirement of the client
  • A visually appealing website reflecting the aesthetic beauty of the products on sell
  • A website to attract more visitors for online purchasing
  • A simple website facilitating easy selection and purchasing.
Considering the aforementioned requirements, we decided to design a website with less content and more pictures. This was done because Rumizon has a truly appealing collection that range from being classy to contemporary. The right way of telling the customers about the beauty of this collection is to provide them more of visual demonstration. So we developed a website where more and more pictures of the products were incorporated. Further, as the client also wanted a way to attract more customers, so we introduced an option called “invite friends & get $15″. This function has been introduced so that a registered user can suggest the rumizon.com site to their friends as well. Next, a shopping cart has been introduced to provide the customers most advance eCommerce shopping experience. We used PHP/ MySQL technology to make the website a world-class platform for purchasing home décor accessories and furniture. The advance eCommerce functions have been incorporated here that makes the complete purchasing process convenient, fast and delivers a good shopping experience.
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