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Case Study - Sass Factory

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Requirement Statement

The clients at Sass Factory were undoubtedly apparent about their specifications. Their innovative concepts was sort of challenging project undertaken by the company in the past few years. Considering the initial complications, the clients at Sass Factory focused completely over features enabling users with online tools that can help them design their garments themselves. The concept was pioneering step to crucial online business strategy. Additionally, the entire focus of the clients was to attract the attention of online consumers without any obligation. Over rounds of discussions, the client appeared strong willed to make the website authentic and tangible as real. An online shopping experience of customers is inclined to certain unwanted issues. Our job was to deplete such unwanted possibilities with effective means. In fact, the representatives were completely acknowledged of the perceptions held by people about online shopping and hidden catches. We decided to undertake a project that will represent essential tools that will guide visitors to help design their clothes themselves. Upon designing, the consumers have effective means to showcase their design and help them sell over the internet to the people interested in it. The organization was willingly looking forward to engage in all perspectives which included hassle free transactions as well. We opted for a plot of strategy which focused to reach respective spheres by building a professional yet customer-friendly environment for the customers. Our final acknowledgement to the strategy was to anchor a site that is made of advanced, effective, and authentic shopping cart features.

Solution Offered

IT Chimes utilized the most effective modern features and technological aspects to create www.sassfactory.com. The representatives of the company formed modern shopping cart website with hassle free features and options for customers online. The implemented features proved to be phenomenal accomplishment for IT Chimes web Development Company. The representatives at IT Chimes acknowledge the technology with affirmative information that met the requirements of the clients of innovations and ubiquity alike. IT Chimes utilized the CSS, JavaScript, Flash Animation, Action Script Development, Content Management Setup and Development for untroubled transactions. IT Chimes used the resources of the clients wisely for custom programming, texts, and pictures. The company focused on every aspect intelligently while producing the website including quality content management services. Effective, spontaneous, and strong content added optimism to the website. Quality content writing services were additional services without which the bond wouldn’t have been strong enough to survive. After application of all the features and shopping cart technologies, IT Chimes managed to offer a website with unlimited hassle free transactions. The information on the website generates a sense of reliability among larger sections of community.  IT Chimes could execute this venture successfully with its detailed acknowledgement into technology and other essential features.
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