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Case Study - My Senior Portal

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Requirement Statement

The client wanted to create a information exchange retrieval web portal mechanism that would help the senior citizens and elderly people to search the local information on the web. In addition they required features like sending and receiving e-mail messages, viewing and sharing family pictures, finding helpful information, chatting with new and old friends, locating resources and other benefits showcasing advantages of a computer and the internet. The site needed to designed in a user-friendly, simple and attractive way.

Solution Offered

This web portal was complex and needed close working with the client to provide shape to their ideas and execute it in the right way to get the expected results. This was one of the biggest challenges for us so far, to gather the interest for elderly people and make it simple and attractive as well, which was the key. So we conducted a survey through social networking and pamphlet distribution in a few locations. We got some very interesting and effective results. Our initial purpose of the portal required registration in order to create efficiency and fulfill the requirements delivering full strength to the web portal. One can automatically register oneself to the be user of my senior portal by filling and submitting the information. Once these forms get completed then in the future we shall provide interactive information that will be more customized specifically based on the user. Thus it is directing to a specific area of interest. This portal deals in providing information about Health & Wellness, Finance related discussions, law, insurance & housing information. Ultimately it was really a wonderful experience for IT Chimes where we as a company learnt a lot.
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