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Case Study - Share Point Upgrade



SharePoint Upgrade For Creating Vivid Blogs


  • With the vast and varied amount of significant data and content available in the repositories, our clients wanted to make it easy for the sales and marketing departments to get hold of relevant informations with ease. This will enable them to share it with their clients without much hassle.
  • To upgrade and make proper use of SharePoint for providing the client with better blogging experience.
  • To provide an informative and effective platform for easy blog posting.

Unique Issues:

For getting hold of certain internal proprietary information and external data, the client’s global and marketing teams deplete a lot of time on it. Also, the sales team, who resort to phone marketing find it difficult to answer the consumer’s questions properly and resolve the issues owing to difficulty in obtaining information quickly. The data stored by the content team was in a separate location and the sales team required a consolidated view. Therefore, the requirement that arose was to provide a platform where the data can be displayed in a way that it becomes easier for viewing by the different teams within the organization.


  • Developed a good custom search solution and upgraded SharePoint, which is a web application platform of Microsoft.
  • SharePoint was associated with content management, INTRANET and document management. But, we at IT Chimes, by taking advantage of its recent upgrade to 2013 designed various solutions which enables tailored results for specific users.
  • For making it user friendly, our search solutions were developed in such a way that it looks for information from 15 different sources and puts before the user the contextual and precise information from across the organization.
  • For providing accurate information, it adds an expiry date to the information to bring before the users only the relevant information.
  • For making the whole set up user friendly, synonym management functionality was built into the user interference, so that users can use new synonyms in their searches.
  • Adding a relevancy feature was important to make it more user friendly. A social search function was added. This is turn allowed the users to revamp the relevancy of future searches.

Project Benefits:

Clients always look for responsive solutions as far as searches are concerned. Our search solutions developed on the latest version of SharePoint provides the users with a quick and user friendly search option to find the accurate and relevant information they are looking for. This has helped to improve the accuracy of the information to ensure the docility with regulatory necessities.


  • The best knowledge and practises were used to develop the solutions on the SharePoint latest version.
  • It was ensured that the priority was put on metadata and core content type discoveries.
  • Identity management was also a priority.
  • Proper defining of strategies for supporting SharePoint 2013 in the long run.
  • Understanding various things like custom apps,  AWS,  workflows, web parts to develop a better solution.


Previously, the client’s global and marketing teams had to dedicate more time for acquiring proprietary information. Looking for proper information and clearing consumer queries was a hassle. IT Chimes helped them to develop a good custom search which provides a consolidated view by getting information from 15 different sources. SharePoint was upgraded and the whole setup was made user friendly. Thus, IT Chimes provided a platform to the client, which made it easier for the client to perform daily tasks relating to information gathering and utilization by consuming much lesser time.
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