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Case Study - Sprichie

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Sprichie is one-stop news blog, covering everything from business, technology, health to movies, music and sports. The project came to us as web development and maintenance project, where the IT Chimes development team was required to optimize and tweak the site features and add several added functionalities. The idea was to create a news and social portal replete with complete user front-end support, besides providing optimal back-end support. We understood the premise and delivered Sphrichie website with more added functionalities and better user experience.


Sprichie.com was required to help latest news and fun blogs go viral, and hence needed to look funky and interesting at the same time. Hence, WordPress was used as it is the best Content Management System (CMS) out there for blogging platforms. Sprichie users can create their own profiles; add friends and tag news and items in terms of their interests and favorite topics. The root concept was to develop the website as fun, crisp, exciting and share worthy.


The Sprichie project was part developed when it was handed over to the IT Chimes web development team. The site code was part written in WordPress default and other in customized code. This issue had several negative undertones working against the site performance and overall functionality. The tags working alongside the posts were being stored in the same database table, which hindered categorizing posts in more groups and sub-groups as required by the users. IT Chimes’ experienced and talented MySQL software developers did a little out-of-the-box thinking and reworked the site code, such that the above-mentioned problem was fixed with style. The users can easily tag and share their posts as per their interests in a seamless manner.

Special Features of Sprichie.com

Sprichie.com was developed as a news and social portal that allows its users to tag and share interesting things among their friends. Hence, the “Sprich It” bookmark button was developed that made sharing articles, videos, images, etc from web a click away.
  1. Click the Sprich It button to share articles, videos, and photos from the web
  2. Publish Now, Schedule Posts, or Mark as Private
  3. Create an optional custom URL
  4. Choose a topic specific category for your post
  5. Create Favorite folders to organize content
  6. Create Groups to Share content with people of similar interests
Notifications system can be customized by the users of Sprichie.com as well. The website allows its users to select their own notification frequencies, instant, daily, weekly or as per their comfort. This feature is rated best by our developers as we know that many users get annoyed with unwanted notifications, and might require a feature through which they can choose when or when not they want to be interrupted.


Sprichie.com was finished with aplomb, and resonate the best user experience that one would like from a news portal. The website looks and works fantastic, besides being code optimized. We created the news portal such that it remains upgrade friendly, and its base foundation works when in future it needs to be remodeled. Providing innovation with perfection is what we at IT Chimes believe the most.
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