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Case Study -Uptodateprices

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Requirement Statement

The client of uptodateprices.com wanted an ecommerce site that offers the latest price of the third party products. The need of such a website was realized in light of the consideration that more people are taking up the online shopping habit and are definitely looking for the best price for a deal. The same product are quoted with different price in different ecommerce sites and separately checking each of the sites to know which is offering the minimum quote is a tiresome work. Moreover, in many site the latest price don’t get updated which often creates certain misunderstanding to the prospective buyer. Hence, the owner of the Uptodateprices.com wanted a website that will flash the latest updated prices quoted by the third party sellers, so that the interested buyer can easily know which site to visit for purchasing a particular product at the least price. Solution offered: The team of IT Chimes has completed the phase one of the site and its working on the second phase. The development team has been successful in making the website a one stop web destination where the price quotes of a common product from different third party sellers are showcased upon. The website provides price quotes for a wide range of products that includes baby products, electronic, home goods, home improvement and tools, sports and fitness goods, toys & games and lots more. The best price of the product is displayed at the top with the “order now” tab adjacent by. On clicking the tab, the buyer is directed to that particular ecommerce that is selling the product the minimum price. That means the complete process of product ordering and purchasing will get done in the website of the third party who is actually selling the product. Before starting the website development process, we undertake an idea generation and idea sketching session. Here we concentrate on the various aspects of the customer’s demand and accordingly try to create the layout draft of the website. So, we cited the following requirement of the client Uptodateprices.com is basically the medium through which the customers can know the best price of a particular product and can directly go to the website. The product ordering, payment and its delivery etc will be done under the safety norms and security arrangement of the third party. As uptodateprices.com covers a wide range of products, so customers looking for any types of household, commercial and personal usage products can visit the website to know the best online price for the product.
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