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Case Study - Worldoo

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Requirement Statement

Worldoo is a site exclusively for children under age of 12 years. Its first of its kind, hence neither the client nor we were very clear with the project layout. All we had were the specification of the client that he wanted a dynamic and interactive website targeting children. The client wanted the website to be common platform for knowledge, education, fun and creativity. In a nutshell, our challenge was to create a virtual world for the kids where they will receive the prospects to incarnate the learning activities of real life. As the site has kids at its receiving end so the client was very specific about the content of the site; each game, images, log-in process, networking, in fact the complete system as a whole is required to be completely safe for the children. The client wanted the website to be an educational site so that parents can gladly allow their children to participate. At the same time, as the client wanted, the website has to deliver the fun element as well so that kids find it interesting. So, the client wanted a resultant product that could satisfy both kids and parents.

Solution Offered

Although a challenging project but it was good time with Worldoo project. Our team of developers succeeded in making Worldoo is a safe virtual community where kids can learn life-skills and other social aspects like making friends, managing virtual money, event participation, play games etc. The team had to do lots of home work and analysis to figure out the layout for the project. However, all the hard work turned out to be satisfactorily fruitful as today Worldoo stands out as one of its kind educational and networking website for the children. Developed using technologies like Dot Net and MS SQL, Flash, HTML, CSS and Web-services; Worldoo is a simple but interesting virtual interactive medium. It is a virtual world where kids can live, express and play. Children get access to educational text, image and video content. At the same time the site is a complete entertainment package as it has games, quiz, and chat option. Content of the site is completely age specific and the child log-in is permissible only on parents consent intimated through the mail by father/mother or guardian. The content is delivered in form of modules. Special emphasis has been given to the user interface. The design, content and the networking process is completely safe for kids.
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