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Case Study - Yoga Farm

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Yoga farm is a complete Yoga studio based in Norway. It provides online classes, workshops, retreat, PT classes and more. Their main requirement was to have a custom design and layout in order to achieve better engagement with their valuable customers.


The client wanted to have a better website in terms of engagements and revenues. In order to achieve that a good responsive wordpress site was needed. This had to be done in the given frame of time and capital.


The main challenge was to use the PHP and MySQL together in such a way that it could create a better responsive wordpress where the new custom design and layout shall bring more customers and hence, more sales.


Our PHP and MySQL experts delivered a website as per the requirement of the client.


The out turn of the tremendous work done by our developers was that the website is now more responsive. The custom design and layout turns out to be the game changer for this particular client as the company is getting more traffic, memberships, engagements and ultimately more revenues.
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