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J2ME App Development

IT Chimes provides outsourcing services and offshore development which is based on years of experience of projects on mobile application development using J2ME. J2ME is a JAVA 2 Platform. Devices running through J2ME application consists large portion of mobile user base. These are low memory devices which support wide range of different mobile applications.

Our Services

Field Service

IT Chimes will offer you result oriented solution. Increase the productivity by minimizing your responding time to the requirement of customers.

Social Networking

IT Chimes uses Location Based Services(LBS) for mobile technology for providing the users with a better social networking experience.

Custom Application Development

We deliver a comprehensive service range for optimizing J2ME application in the best way possible for taking your business to next level.

QA/Testing Services

We are equipped with team of developers who have complete knowledge and experience for making this application a success. We even have IT diagnostics, integration of system and business consultants among each other for testing our efficiency and flexibility of our application.

Long Term Support And Maintenance

We believe in helping our customers at every single step. As soon as new phones are announced we evaluate them and then add them in the supporting pages. IT Chimes keep on verifying and adding new functionality as required.

Benefits of J2ME Apps Development

  • J2ME is the accepted platform for important mobile manufacturers together with Samsung, Nokia, BlackBerry, Motorola, iPhone and Sony Ericsson.
  • The J2ME apps can also be simply ported across many mobile devices.
  • They offer an extremely scalable & safe platform for the designing of mobile apps.
  • With the J2ME mobile app technique, a developer or consumer is able to utility even when there is no wireless coverage.

Why Us

Better Functionality

We Apply the J2ME architecture to a wide range of mobile devices for rendering better functionality serving for wide range of business requirements. We creating high-end Application Programming Interface (API) for the better usability.

Easy Data Flow

IT Chimes Create applications that utilizes networks for easy flow of data and information. Develop various Bluetooth applications for better communication of devices. Incorporate rich featured multimedia applications for making the most of your device. Implement rich features like local data storage using Record Management Systems

Meeting Objectives

IT Chimes analysis your business objectives, through conceptualising mobile application we create the flow of application. We  deploy and develop these application according to your needs. (downloadable or enterprise application)

Assured Deliverance

We have a Commitment towards delivering the best at a lower cost.  Our services are based on our several year of experience.


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