There have been many instances when valuable lives have been lost to absurd incidents of laptops catching fire. Although there is no sure way to prevent your piece of technology from going haywire, there are a few tips than can prevent the mishap:

• Use original batteries and chargers
For laptops use only original batteries and chargers. By using the cheaper version of batteries and chargers you stand at a risk of uninvited danger that can turn fatal.

• Don’t use laptop on the bed
A common practice by youngsters, professionals, elderly and amateurs alike, bed is a convenient
Place to work on the laptop.

You should avoid using laptop on the bed as the device may absorb dust, causing blockage to the cooling fan and overheating.

• Use cooling pads
Use cooling pads and stands with cooling fans available in the market. These prevent your laptop from overheating thus catching fire.

• Avoid ash tray proximity
Those who smoke while working on the laptops must ensure that the ash tray should be kept at a distance from the device. The best way to avoid the proximity is by not smoking at all while on the laptop.

• Avoid local accessories
You should avoid buying accessories for your priced possession from local vendors. Most accessories arrive untested that can trigger the fire in your laptop.

• Use high-capacity stabilizers
Use high capacity stabilizers at the main switch board to handle voltage fluctuations. Also you should take care of your surroundings and find out catalysts that may pose as a threat to your laptop. You may also use a high capacity surge protector for your laptop.

• Software fixes
You may also get software installed that avoids laptops from overheating. Furthermore you can follow battery saving tips like reducing the brightness of your device and reduce the CPU clock speed.

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