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Client Confidentiality

Key Confidentiality Highlights

Here at IT Chimes , we realize the importance of confidentiality regarding our clients’ projects information and  data privacy, and ensure that it is all kept under wraps with only limited access by only those people authorized to do so by the client and management.

  • Guards posted at access points and 24 x 7 video surveillance enforce our security measures.
  • We allow only authorized access to servers, networks and workstations controlled through individual passwords.
  • All email sent and received are checked for viruses, and we have a regular back-up for all data and files.

Client-Employee-IT Chimes: 3 Way Agreement

Apart from these measures, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with our clients to ensure confidential application development, where all project-related details pertaining to data, authorized personnel, etc are discussed with the client to come to a mutual consent regarding security.

We also get all our employees to sign a confidential web development agreement, with legal consequences if found to be guilty of violating it. Employees are also regularly sensitized as to how and why all data needs to be protected.

Our personal assurance and our signature are a reflection of our professionalism and integrity. These agreements are not  only a question of maintaining professionalism, but also an important way to gain the client’s trust and confidence in us. We feel that it is important for the client to trust us completely so that we can provide the best services we can in terms of web development, since trust and confidentiality go hand in hand.

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