Are you looking to develop a beautiful, informative website for your own business but don’t have the expertise in-house? Then hiring remote PHP developers is the best solution for you!

There is no doubt that the web development market is growing fast and every day thousands of dynamic websites with PHP are made live for the world to see. Besides that, the world is heading towards a completely open economy in which hiring employees remotely is gaining priority to sustain mutual development.

However, let us now get a little specific on why hiring PHP programmers remotely is a must to remain competitive. Today everybody is trying to be advanced when it comes to the use of technologies and, clients also bear the same attitude. They demand the best and latest programming to satisfy their needs and in this regards many times it is possible that they want to judge and pick out the best developers from a place.

Today, the economy is open and hiring remote developers for specific tasks has gained huge popularity. When working with a developer remotely, you can easily communicate the shortcomings or change the developers instantly if the delivery of projects is not on-time or satisfactory. However, remote developers themselves never leave any opportunity to keep the clients dissatisfied. They too strive hard to create a name for themselves in their field.

So, most of them remain in close proximity with their clients and are usually a phone call or text away if you decide to work with one. Even if you are a web developing company, an individual developer with lots of complex projects, a fully fledged business or a small enterprise looking to expand your presence the web, you can hire remote developers or an entire offshore team to work with you.

In either of the cases, you are free of the burden of maintaining your own employees and the required infrastructure. A small point to keep in mind is the vitality of proper selection of experienced and expert offshore PHP programmers for your projects, which we’ll get to in a while.

But before we start talking about how to hire your next best PHP developer remotely and the factors that’ll help you do so, let’s tackle a question almost all our clients ask us when they first inquire about our PHP staffing services.

Should I Hire individual PHP developers or an entire team?

The answer to this question solely depends on your unique project. Also, there are a lot of other factors that can come into play that can influence this decision. Some of which can be –

  • How quickly you want the project to be completed
  • How many developers you need to bring on
  • The level of expertise you seek for the project
  • The quality of work you demand
  • What your budget constraints are
  • Whether you’re open to the idea of employees working remotely for your project
  • Whether you’ll be playing an active or passive role in the project
  • Whether you’re equipped to test the technical skills of candidates

…. and a lot more. So, access the requirements of your project first. Obviously, if it’s a kind of project that has a few menial tasks and can be handled by a single person then go for hiring a remote PHP developer. If your project is the kind which requires extensive expertise in PHP development and requires a lot of man work, then going for an offshore team would be a better option for you.

Where to hire the best PHP developers?

There are a lot of resources out there on the web that can help you find your next best PHP developer or an entire team that will work dedicatedly on your project. When it comes to hiring PHP developers, you can go for searching and hiring freelance developers from top freelance websites such as Upwork, Toptal, Hired and the likes, or approach staffing agencies like us who can help you find your next best PHP developer or an entire team. The choice is completely yours.

The advantage of working with an agency is that they have done the legwork of interviewing prospects and usually have the most experienced and able developers in their team which you can easily make use of for your project.
But when it comes to hiring freelance developers, you’ll have to be extremely careful about the kind of developers you hire for your project. So, vetting each and every one of them and seeing if they are the perfect match for your unique project is a must.

How to hire the best PHP developers?

If you eventually decide to hire freelance developers, here is how you can ascertain if your chosen candidate is the best fit for your business project –

  1. Past Experience
    Having a look at a candidate’s work profile and past work experience will give you all the information you need about judging his present capabilities. By just having a glance at what your prospective candidate has been doing related to PHP all this while, you can get a sense of his level of dedication, knowledge and level of work ethics in his area of expertise.
  2. Ratings & Reviews
    Most of the freelance websites out there provide an option for employers to rate their experience of working with a freelancer after the project has been completed. Likewise, the ratings and reviews left on profiles of freelancers can serve as a great resource to check the professionalism of your prospective freelance and can help you make a more informed decision.
  3. Check their technical ability
    Checking the technical expertise of your prospective freelancer is an absolute essential when it comes to obtaining quality work from your freelancers. For the same, you’ll have to prepare some technical questions about PHP and ask your prospects when they come in for a f2f interview. And when I say technical questions, I don’t mean generic questions that scratch the surface of PHP. Try going deep into the specifics to test the vastness of the technical knowledge base of your prospective PHP developer. Also, ask them how they stay updated with the latest techniques and trends in PHP to ensure your prospects stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in PHP to deliver the absolute best.

The factors mentioned above are not specific to hiring freelancers, they can also be used to weigh agencies and will surely help you make a better decision of hiring your next best PHP developer.


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