IT Chimes is a web design and development solution company. The services provided by IT Chimes cover a global client base. They are experts in designing, developing and making applications which fit specific needs of the customers. They also address complicated problems and develop innovative solutions for each one of them. Their creativity is unmatched and their groups of professional are a very dedicated team. The various methods deployed by them include E-commerce solutions, web portal design and content management system integration. The client list of IT Chimes is quite impressive, and they have been key players in the rise to success of many companies. There have also been cases where partnerships between IT Chimes other companies have provided impressive results.

The solutions offered by IT Chimes are quite reliable. The proper usage of technology for the development of the various applications is quite profound. The clients vary, from new startups to giant enterprises. The specialized services put in for customers address the need for various processes and functional requirements. IT Chimes also provides IT services in India and has the option of offshore facilities, along with the large amount of resources it provides to its customers.

Google Page Rank is based on an algorithm designed for link analysis. It uses the available links on a website and then uses the algorithm to find out the proper rank of the websites. The number of hits gives the relative importance of the page and thus a particular value is set to that page. This algorithm is used by Google to set the relative importance of the website and thus helps in the presentation of the website. The higher the rank of a website the higher its precedence order in the Google Page Rank. This is used as a basis for the return of the search results for any searches done on the Google search engine. This ensures that it would probably be the one of the first websites to be displayed, thus receiving the maximum amount of traffic. Reaching the Rank of 5 by Google Page rank is indeed quite a remarkable feat and the whole team of IT Chimes deserves praise. This shows how well the team has understood the intricacies of working the Google Page Rank system and reveling  how adept they are at web site related work, which is not only restricted to web design but also web development.


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