IT Chimes completes 6 years

Time goes by quick, real quick. Those were the words that resonated when we at IT Chimes celebrated our 6 wonderful years as one of the leading web design and development companies in India. At the celebrations, the atmosphere was vibrant, moods were relaxed, conversations were lighthearted and the cake was awesome as always.

The party was out of control and at the club, moods turned bliss as all of us enjoyed the camaraderie of being a single, tight-knit bunch who loved to have a good time. While arm and shoulder wrestling games turned up the heat, dancing emerged as the ultimate crowd favorite, thanks to the fantastic Dinesh P., Sahil and Prashant, amongst many others. The pick of all games was the “Earn Your Liquor” competition, where we had guys doing some pole dancing, participating in a beer relay and an actual two member push-up contest.

We aren’t here for a long time, we’re here for a good time”, was the prevalent party mood. Good food, a rocking DJ, over-the-top fun and some hefty playfulness had intoxicated us, and these were the memories that every Saffronite would cherish for a long time.

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Feels like starting all over again


IT Chimes is 6 years old now, and over the course of these wonderful years, we have learned much, experienced more and forged many great relationships. We started out in 2008 and always believed in our strengths and worked will full conviction. Looking back at our beginnings, we see hard-work and dedication of many professionals that actually fueled our success drive. We can’t thank them enough for their valuable contribution and efforts helping us reach the heights where we stand at the moment.

We at IT Chimes have always believed in doing things the best way possible. We have stringent quality frameworks and never swerved from our core belief – perfection and innovation. Hence, after successfully delivering 500+ web portals and mobile applications over the past 6 years, we will be soon launching some trademark products and services under our own brand this year. Hence, we are just as excited for 2014 as we were back in 2008. This year feels promising and we hope to keep the spirit alive and momentum going in the future.

Dear Clients – We offer our sincere gratitude

Good clients are the real reason behind the success of an organization, and we’d like to thank everybody whom with we have had the pleasure of working with. Thanks a lot guys, for placing your faith in IT Chimes and supporting our work during both the good and not-so good times. Every experience we are hoping cherish for a long time.

We have had the pleasure of working on some brilliant projects and have taken upon numerous challenges over the course of six years. Our client projects helped us in exploring new horizons, be it web design, web development, mobile application development or internet marketing, we thrived on our appetite for challenges and success.

The guys who made it all happen

We at IT Chimes are a team of 120+ professionals obsessed with innovation and perfection. We strive for a good feedback from clients, and this is something that inspires us to work hard, besides keeping a healthy and positive attitude in our lives. There has never been any dull moment that could affect our core professional work ethos. We love our work and look forward to great many years and some wonderful projects ahead. 


Shivam TrikaShivam Trika is a keen learner, fitness enthusiast, self-proclaimed elite gamer and prolific writer writing about the latest in social media marketing, content & inbound marketing. He is an adept marketer having comprehensive understanding of engaging readers and consumers through smart marketing materials.

Shivam has helped in building a lot of brands from the ground up and currently leads a team of talented writers who create marketable content for Social Media, Blogs, Images as well as ideate for videos for clients.

In his leisure time, Shivam likes to read and watch stuff that inspires him to write thought provoking content and ideas that resonate well with his readers and followers.