Now we all know that outsourcing has become a popular commodity in the current corporate circuit. It has been a reliable substitute for business to rely on in this competitive market. Apart from becoming a great source of income for many people all around, it has emerged as a great source of the content provider, and so it has escalated it into a successful and extremely respectful line of work.

Outsourcing Myths shattered

However with the success that web development outsourcing has enjoyed and is still enjoying, there was an obvious expectation that there will be an entourage of false rumors taking birth and be in the process of association with outsourcing. The expectation has become into reality however in modern times. It isn’t  the rumors that are being linked, but the fact that they have gained too much attention and approval is what is alarming. It has started to destabilize severely the foundation of outsourcing and has threatened to be counterproductive to all what outsourcing has achieved.

The general public has become a victim of stereotyping this line of work with wrong features; this works against outsourcing in the form of negative publicity.  We will be focusing on some popular outsourcing myths and legends in great detail throughout this article.

Low financial cost

Myths About Outsourcing

Due to the lack of a dense infrastructural background, variable levels of professionalism and no corporate environment at their disposal, outsourcing has been wrongfully deemed a very financially cheap method for completing a project. This fact was accepted when there was a comparison of the financial dimensions were made between outsourcing projects and in-house projects. The rate at which an outsourced employee is paid was crudely compared, ignoring all the aspects that go into the hiring process.

Outsourcing is more financially feasible yes, but the fact that all of its dealings with its clients and contractors aren’t judged on the same merit that a regular company would enjoy making it a shocking predicament. When the quality of work is never compromised with limited resources, then why would it make sense to pay the outsourcers any significant amount less than regular company employees?

Outsourcing has all the answers

GoldenrulesJust like any other form of service there is a limit to what outsourcing can provide. Just because they have a well-trained and versatile team at their disposal, it doesn’t mean that they can magically fix away all of your problems. The fact that, being a client you might ask for a combination of specific demands that the people at the outsourcing company might not be able to deliver timely or in an expected manner.


Constant communication isn’t required

This is a very popular and wrongfully associated point associated with how most outsourcing transfer deals are usually carried out as. It is commonly believed that once a transfer dealing has been made then it is okay to let the outsourcing team carry out its work without any external experience from oneself. The person sees it as an opportunity to relax and procrastinate a bit. Sure, the outsourcing team you are working with is consistent of top-notch professionals, who have a wide range of skill set and experience to boot. But tasks that require outsourcing required guidance, discussion, and a constant communication link to make sure that the task is timely completed.

It is only fair that the problems that are faced, the adjustments that are needed and the overall planning monitored is done by the person who has asked for a specified task to be completed by the outsourcing unit.


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