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Fixed Price Development Model at IT Chimes

The fixed pricing model followed by IT Chimes is a type of a pre-negotiated arrangement where the costs for the projects and services we provide to our clients is based upon a thorough analysis of their requirements. We work with you to specify product deliverables and the exact timeline to follow to arrive at a mutually agreed fixed price. Only after a detailed analysis of our client’s project has been performed, we arrive at a price quote that justifies your expenditure and adds value, thus increasing the ROI for every penny you spend.

Benefits of our Fixed Price Web Development Model:

  • A fixed price model offers stability to you during the entire duration of the project. You will not have to worry about escalating costs, which could affect your business plans. You will remain protected from any sudden increase in the final costs, the burden of which will be on us.
  • There is a pre-defined structure of the project, which is based on the extent of the work involved, its fixed cost and its expected outcome.
  • There is a limited scope of risk involved for both the clients as well as us. When the interest of the client and the service provider are secured at the same time, it becomes a lot easier to work towards achieving a common goal.
  • Ensures time bound delivery of the project. One major reason for project cost overruns is delays. But when the parties are bound by a written agreement which clearly states the completion date, there is no scope left for delays which minimizes the chances of cost escalations.
  • Once the entire process has been structured in agreement between the parties involved, there is an assurance of minimal changes / modifications during the execution of the project.

Why IT Chimes?

We at IT Chimes focus on a win – win relationship for both the client and ourselves. We believe in giving our clients a bit more than what they demand from us. We follow a fixed price model on our projects with a firm belief in ourselves that we as a team will be able to fulfill all that has been asked of us through our projects remaining within the scope of terms agreed by us with our clients. This confidence in ourselves drives us forward and motivates us to work in the best interests of our clients and of our own.

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