Full Time Equivalent (FTE)/Rate Card

There are a number of benefits of opting for the FTE/rate Card pricing model that IT Chimes provides. Through this pricing module, we offer you a host of various skill sets including product analysis, designing, management, programming and testing. We also provide database specialists who dedicatedly work on your projects closely with you, and handle the task of getting your project completed on time.

Benefits of this payment module we offer include

  • High flexibility, as it can follow any development life cycle.
  • Individual services such as programming, project testing, etc
  • Access to our strong infrastructure and ample resources
  • A talented and dedicated team working on your projects
  • A project manager by your side through the entire process
  • 24×7 help-desk support
  • High level of client control
  • IP ownership

Advantages of FTE Payment Model

The advantages that the client benefits from after opting for this payment model are many. There is the option of the least cost involved, apart from the budget predictability and the fact that you can start work on the project at any level you choose to.The expert team consultancy, state of the art infrastructure and project manager’s services that you receive are just added bonuses while we work towards providing you with quality products and services.

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