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Time and Material

As the name suggests, this pricing model is based upon optimizing time and material resources spent on the project. The amount is charged upon a pre-decided, hourly rate, based upon the quality of resources, and there are absolutely no hidden costs involved. The amount includes payment for manpower, our experienced and talented technical teams, and our world class infrastructure and quality resources. This payment model suits best complex projects which have a lot of specifications that evolve as time progresses, and changes in the design are involved.

Benefits Of This Payment Model Are

  • There is extremely high flexibility allowed during the course of the projects execution
  • The project can be customized exactly to your requirements
  • Increase or reduce resources and pay for the specific work done.
  • There is a lot of client involvement
  • Effective communication ensures smooth workflow.
  • IP ownership
  • Regular reporting system conducted on a weekly basis

At IT Chimes, we have the required experience and talents to help you achieve the desired results while incurring the least costs. Our project analysts conduct a complete project study which goes into the in-depth analysis of the task to be undertaken, and after a thorough understanding of your product or service requirement, we work on producing the perfect quality results for you.

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