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IT Chimes Review & Complaints

IT Chimes thanks clients for their staunch belief, honest reviews and consistent support

IT Chimes completed six years as the industry’s leading web design and development firm this year, and it couldn’t have happened without the support and belief endowed upon us by our clients. Seamless client experience and project management, while delivering cutting-edge IT solutions within committed time are some of the things that our clients associate with us. This is why we would like to express our gratitude to our clients for their ardent faith, consistent support, honest reviews and testimonials. We always maintain a proactive approach to avoid all project related issues, and whenever we receive any complaints, we make sure our clients get the best solution in the shortest possible time span.

Our client servicing team is available in two shifts every working day, which is how we tackle consumer complaints and issues. There is nothing like positive client reviews and it fills our heart to see a client receiving finished projects in an orderly manner. There have been situations when the work and pressure piled up or sometimes miscommunications lead to missed build timelines, but our clients always supported us and that’s how we delivered over 300 enterprise-grade web portals in the last six years.

At IT Chimes, we are firm believers in a proactive approach towards issues to trouble our clients and project development through the help of our diligent Quality Assurance (QA) and Client Relationship Management (CRM) teams. Dedicated QA teams for individual clients allowed IT Chimes to complete hundreds of web design, web development and application development projects with excellence. Innovation drives our deliverables and we aspire towards becoming the best IT solution provider in the industry.

Our clients have complete say in what they need and how they want their project to mold and develop in all respects. The dedicated CRM and QA teams ensure rapid development with each build and everything works as specified according to the client specification. There is continuous communication between the client and project managers to make sure no gaps are ever produced and everything goes as planned. We pay attention to even the slightest of all details and no matter how big a problem is, we get it fixed in the best possible way!

IT Chimes’ strategic think tank of experienced project managers, talented software developers and software testers have carved a niche for themselves in the industry. Speaking about our web development team, one of our clients Brad Towie had this to say: “Thank you for putting a good programmer on our website. We are very happy with the final website. The website looks and works great and is just what we were looking for. Great job by your entire team. We could not be happier.” Client reviews like this make our day brighter and all major problems vanish. Completing a project right on time with perfection, such that no delivery or performance related complaints emerge is the IT Chimes way!

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