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All encompassing ERP solutions using SharePoint, Plumtree & MS CMS

IT Chimes’ ERP Solution

This browser based internet application provides a secure unified access point, usually in the form of a web-based user interface. It is specifically designed to aggregate and personalize information through application-specific port lets, which greatly help in de-centralizing content contribution and management, and help in managing information regarding calendars, tasks and lists, such as  always keeping relevant information updated. Enterprise Portal Solutions allows you to get vital information whenever and wherever you need it and makes it easier for teams to work together on shared documents.

The key benefits of Outsource Enterprise Portal Solutions offered by IT Chimes :

  • Increase in productivity by adding relevant information and programs
  • Increased sales, and help in decision making as quality and timely information is available
  • Lowering IT maintenance costs and increasing ROI across the enterprise

At IT Chimes, we use the following Portal Solutions:

  • Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server
  • Microsoft Content Management Server
  • Plumtree Corporate Portal
  • BroadVision Enterprise Business Portals
  • ISHIR Portal Solution made on Microsoft Technologies

With our effective and efficient Enterprise Portal Solutions, which add a fresh new dimension to your company’s web based infrastructure across a variety of platforms. It helps your organizations respond quickly to changes in the e-business environment, align business objectives with IT goals, and work more effectively with employees, customers, and partners. Our technical team works on building customized Outsource Enterprise Portal solutions that focus on your business needs.

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