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Mongo DB

IT Chimes works towards setting up, operating and scaling the MongoDB deployments in the cloud. The company helps you in every aspect starting from high availability to scalability, security to disaster recovery.

The benefits of choosing MongoDB includes:


IT Chimes helps in combining the critical capabilities of relational database along with the innovations of NoSQL. It helps in delivering a wide range of capabilities through a manageable single database.


The operational tasks like provisioning, patching, upgrades, backups and failure recovery are all handled by the MongoDB software.


The software enables your database’s security through multiple levels which includes robust access control etc.


The software adjusts according to the needs to the business scaling across a massive range of sizes, scale outs etc.

Effective Performance

IT Chimes ensures high throughput with minimum level of latency even in the case of most demanding products. It ensures a consistent and measurable performance at affordable prices.

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