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Accessibility Testing Services

Companies establish online presence to reduce their costs of operation and to increase their sales. But there are several challenges regarding website accessibility and usability enhancement, they have to face. Further with advanced technology, making the products and services accessible has become much more important. It helps a company in building their brand image and delivering a better user experience.

IT Chimes accessibility testing enhances usability and accessibility of content for mobile and website applications. We make use of manual as well as testing techniques to provide detailed accessibility testing for our clients to build application that meets the industry standards. Our integrated approach to website development gives an edge on development, user centric design and testing methods. We ensure an improved customer experience along with compliance with industry standards, guidelines and regulations.

The IT Chimes Advantage

  • The perfect combination of automated and manual techniques to provide you the required coverage of test.
  • An Assistance software for accessibility to detect and correct any accessibility issues early on and for continuous post production monitoring.
  • We prepare the accessibility testing tasks for the participants of applications inclusive of website through an interaction between the testing team and the client.


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