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Software Test Automation Services

In most companies highly productive software plays a significant role. Software quality is a really important factor as all over the world sophisticated IT systems are the basis of many central workflows. A lower or sub standard quality software in terms of faulty software architecture or unstable applications can jeopardize your internal workflows as well as lead to additional costs and potentially harm your company’s image.

Test automation continues to be a popular element amidst QA teams, in this demanding world of improved productivity of the test team and increased test coverage. It is a reliable way of reducing the testing cycle time without even sacrificing the quality or quantity of testing. We are the leading provider of software test automation services while making use of a wide range of recognized tools along with customized test automation solutions. We also have automated applications running on major platforms.

Why IT Chimes for your Test Automation needs

  • We understand and have implemented automation tools for many clients that empowers us to customize a solution to meet your needs.
  • We thoroughly assess the quality of your existing automation solution and further make suggestions for optimization.
  • With our ongoing investments in automation regarding R&D, we can provide you cutting edge tools to increase the coverage of test and its productivity.
  • We also generate a technical feasibility study to make sure that the automation solution is productive within your environment.
  • Frameworks and tools that are designed to enable manual testers to carry on the automation, results in notable cost savings.


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