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Crowdsourced Testing Services

The main factors which plays a crucial role in making a product successful in the market are global outreach, cutting edge designs, user friendly nature and quick time to market accessibility. The constituents that makes Crowdsource testing popular are the flexibility, cost effectiveness and the scale. IT Chimes have earned a name by delivering the best crowd testing service for the global clients.

Advantages of crowd sourced testing

  • The perspective of different people, which helps to keep the user base updated.
  • A large number of options are available for testing.
  • Crowd sources helps to draw in a number of people with varied abilities under one roof.
  • Proper testing by this method can reduce the overall quality cost.

Reasons to choose IT Chimes

  • Our testers are available at your service 24*7. This means no matter in what timezone the client is in, the work will get delivered within the deadline.
  • IT Chimes have earned a name is providing the best crowdsourced testing service in a short notice, with efficient results.
  • We work with a large crowd of testers, which provides ensurity of the products being tested in real life situations and also on a number of hardwares and softwares.


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