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Functional Testing- IT Chimes

In this current, complex business environment, functional testing is imperative for every business to implement in every project, be it of a long duration, new or large engagements. By focusing on accelerated testing, organization can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of functional testing. The quality can be determined by the performance of the software functionalities.

The IT Chimes functional testing methodology is easily adaptable and well structured. Our proficient team, have helped multiple enterprises to implement an organized approach in functional testing service through our efficacious internal framework. We establish the latest tools and techniques of testing in terms of dynamic test planning and scheduling, profiling, automated test design and validation among others.

Why Us?

  • Our in-house solutions helps in developing automated test cases from customized business process libraries.
  • We provide end to end testing, from testing requirements to execution, through extensive reporting and management.
  • Completely functional QA services for our clients are performed to ensure that the software functionality performs according to their requirements.
  • Validation, in relation to the feature of an entire component or function of your products and of data integrity across different business flows.
  • To improve the availability and reliability of the systems, tool based methodology blends commercial tools and IP solutions. Our well defined project management and engineering further saves time and cost.
  • Dedicated team with well equipped servers, performs this testing.
  • Detailed test metrics at the end of each cycle along with the use of appropriate defect tracking systems to report any issues for best results.


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