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Translation And Global Testing Services

Ever since globalization became rampant, the focus shifted on the core areas of software testing to have a fair idea about how the product will be working, before launching it in the global markets with localized versions. At IT Chimes, we have a specialized team who can do a proper testing of your product to leverage the best practices from our end for addressing the needs of your product. Further, addressing the issues of global testing, we use the following methodology-

Globalization Test Methodology

  • Plan creation along with the client keeping in mind the client’s requirements and priorities.
  • Test design which includes globalization, selective automation and pseudo localization.
  • Preparing framework design for localized testing.

Localization Test Methodology

  • Preparing a proper plan to encrust multiple platforms and languages.
  • Preparing test designs for gripping the existing pseudo localized tests.
  • Test automation, drive by a well built framework.
  • The execution of the test, followed by defect management.

Translation Services

The main concern while using translating services is often based on a few factors like- availability of time, convenience of linguistic experts and proper use of context specific translation. IT Chimes provides professional translation services in a number of global languages like Spanish, Italian, German, French etc.

How is IT Chimes different from others?

  • We make use of pseudo localized test and localization specific test optimization to gain the maximum and effective result in a short span of time.
  • We have customized global translation engines, which works according to the client’s requirements.
  • We encourage and adopt culture specific and locale testing checklists too.


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