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Website Performance Testing

The biggest challenge organizations face in today’s world, is basically achieving and maintaining the vital applications. For this, an efficient and effective methodology is necessary to predict the performance and system behaviour under real life stress filled conditions. An organization runs the risk of exposure to prominent slowdowns and failures that can drive away customers and disable the company’s productivity.

IT Chimes has dedicated teams who are experts in developing application performance tests. These experts are experienced in commercial performance testing tools as well as other test automation tools that are open source. To enhance the capabilities of the tool, the performance test group has developed several plugins that reduces the limitations of open source tools. It further enables the performance analysis of any web application. The team of IT Chimes has a lot of experience and expertize in performance testing for different type of mobile applications, web services, internet based desktop applications, web applications and APIs.

Why Choose Us?

  • An experience of end to end performance testing by making use of open source and leading commercial performance tools.
  • A dedicated team of specialized performance testors, with the perfect blend of capacity management experience, product development and years of performance testing.
  • To deliver effective performance test result reporting and system monitoring, there is an internal framework built on open source tools.
  • Customized solutions are provided.


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