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Security & Penetration Testing Services

For protecting data from prying eyes, information security is the need of the hour for the digital world. Security testing is done to identify the weaknesses in the Apps, so that those can be fixed before the product launch.

We, at IT Chimes provide an integrated penetration testing service by our team of experts, who have expertize in conducting security testing from an early stage of the SDLC. Our testing includes-

  • Ajax Testing
  • Data Validation Testing
  • Configuration Management Testing
  • Testing for vulnerabilities like XSS, SQL etc.
  • Web service testing.
  • Authentication and Authorization testing.

IT Chimes conducts Security and Penetration Testing services according to the following methodology-

  • Understand and decide the risk level.
  • Confirm the vulnerability level.
  • Prepare a detailed report of the security vulnerabilities that can cause potential threat to your confidential information.

Reasons to choose IT Chimes for your security testing needs

  • Our team of experts work with you to identify and fix the problem, rather than just handing you the reports.
  • We have a good name in the market for software testing services.
  • We use tools like browser plugins, proxies, data validation etc.
  • To deliver you with the best testing results, we combine security testing services with usability test environments.


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