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Selenium Testing

Many of the software applications today are web based so that they can run into Internet browser. Test automation has become the need of the moment with the introduction of highly responsive and interactive software processes. It basically means running the repetitive tests against the application that has to be tested by making use of a software tool. Test automation has many advantages which are related to the speed and the repeatability of the tests and their execution. Although there are number of tools available for the test assistance, Selenium is open source solution that is widely used.

Selenium is a set of many software tools, each of which shares a different approach to support the test automation. Most of the users focus on one or two tools but learning about all the tools can provide you with lots of different options to approach the test automation problems. One of the most important features of Selenium is the support it offers to execute the tests on different browser platforms. IT Chimes has successfully delivered high quality automated testing to our global clients across multiple industries by making use of Selenium.


Why us?

  • We have a built in automation expertize with proven frameworks to best respond to the changes in the market demand.
  • Through trend analysis and advanced reporting we provide cohesive data analytics and decision support.
  • The automation framework and tools we use increases the predictability and removes the complexity.
  • We follow through business driven development along with test scripting to provide ease of use for business analysts and manual testers.
  • The automation process is data and component driven that requires low maintenance, easy to update and can efficiently be reused.
  • We follow upon a set framework that supports the test case convergence comprising of GUI and web services so that the automation tools can be easily combined and worked on.


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