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Usability Testing Services

Usability forms a crucial factor in understanding a product’s acceptance and value in the market. People now look for a smooth mobile using experience, which means along with web the mobile user experience is also taken into consideration. The main aim of usability testing is to spot usability problems, get feedback and improve all the drawbacks before launching the product in the market. We, at IT Chimes have a good deal of experience with a wide range of clients globally, hence our mobile usability testing methodology is developed according to our expertize in this field.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our dedicated team have expertize in testing and our usability team includes both audience from within the company and outsiders to acquire an honest feedback.
  • A dedicated team of specialized performance testors, with the perfect blend of capacity management experience, product development and years of performance testing.
  • Our team of experts along with other expert testers participate in conducting a test on your product. You will get a detailed report on the experience within a short span of time, so that there is no delay in the product launch.
  • IT Chimes have a record of putting up to the claim of testing websites, mobiles and softwares at cost effective prices and by yielding much better results as compared to outsourcing the usability testing services.

Our usability testing service at IT Chimes includes both web and mobile versions of Apps and our tests include A/B testing, screen resolution checking, compatibility across operating systems and devices to ensure the usability and understand the requirements that can enhance the user experience.


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