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Framework Development

Web development frameworks act as steroids (not the prohibited version, of course) and are frequently used by professional web developers across the globe.

Web development frameworks acts as steroids (not the prohibited version, of course) and are frequently used by professional web developers across the globe. At IT Chimes, most of our client projects are driven by modern PHP and Dot Net framework development solutions.

Gone are the days when we need to write a program on a blue screen (1990-ish looking) manually or write HTML codes in the Notepad. Frameworks help us in coding faster and come replete with a nice GUI, many features automatically enabled, and an own compiling engine and debugging tool.
Not only they help us to avoid redundancy by getting repetitive work done automatically, but it also allows us to deliver your projects faster. THE WYSIWYG mode, which often accompanies the frameworks, is the icing on the cake.

How We Do It? Us?

At IT Chimes, we believe in delivering innovation with perfection. Our web development solutions thrive on the creative acumen and technical knowhow of our experienced team. We are a bunch of talented and enthusiastic web designers and developers who know what it takes to deliver the best results in this industry.
Our websites are developed on the latest web development frameworks, including Twitter Bootstrap 3, foundation, Gumby, Yahoo Pure CSS and many others.
Framework-based web development has its perks and has become a major trend these days. Modern web portal projects are complex and optimized code oriented, which is something only experienced developers could render with perfection and elan. We have worked on different PHP and Dot Net frameworks that can be tailored to accommodate any project requirement desired in the client specification.

Framework Development Technologies Used By Us


Twitter Bootstrap 3

The Twitter Bootstrap 3 is among the most flexible frameworks available in the market, and is ideal for major web development projects, ranging from simple portfolio websites to complicated e-commerce and corporate web portals in responsive avatar.



Foundation framework, developed by Zurb, is one of our favorite web development frameworks. It comes replete with many features similar to the Twitter Bootstrap, besides several important enhancements, including Sass style-sheets and better customization features.



Gumby is an advanced development framework built on the Sass preprocessor, which allows superior customization, and its inbuilt modular scale feature renders stunning and efficient results. It’s reusable JavaScript and CSS plugins make it suitable for creating web portals for all budgets.


Yahoo Pure

Created by Yahoo Inc., the Yahoo Pure is an extremely useful lightweight CSS framework that comes with built-in responsive web design platform as default. It can be used in tandem with other frameworks and are ideal for rendering flat design.

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