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Yii Framework Development

IT Chimes have complete proficiency in developing YII frameworks technologies and services.  We help you having next generation web designing and with our new tools we secure and render you a faster sites.

Yii a is PHP framework with short learning curve. It is an open source web application without any charges. It has component based design that help in meeting all the requirements of the users without directly modifying it.Get the rich featured PHP 5 and high performance that will offer you a platform for developing web 2.0 apps

MVC Design Patterns

We are widely known for adopting proven and widely accepted MVC design patterns which helps in separating business logic and database in a clear way. We offer you simple and easy code for a better understanding.

Application Development

Yii framework supports intricate WSDL conditions and administration of demand management of web service. We offers support to complete functionality starting that are based on PHPUnit and Selenium.

Component Customization

Our developers will help you in simplifying task of forming input and validating your task. We make it easy to set validations and form input with various Yii widgets and helper methods.

Authorization And Authentication

Get a complete authorization and authentication support to control your site and protect it from others without any hassle. The features which are based on RBAC are used by us which manages authority.

Ajax- Enabled Widgets

For high efficient writing and to give versatility to our user interface we integrate with AJAX and jQuery like autocomplete input, treeview and datagrid.

Extensive Automatic Generation Of Code

We provide you with the quick code generation which is distinguished from other frameworks of PHP. We will provide you with standard controlling of code.

Our YII Expertize

IT Chimes brings you the magical feature of this services and application. We have become leading name in IT sector offering solutions to different industries:

  • Yii website or portal development
  • Yii application development
  • Dedicated Yii development
  • Yii application support and maintenance

We believe in following Agile methodology which has performed well as per our past experience.

Why Choose Us?

Easy User Management

Get a clean coding within minimal time frame. Our developers are aware of every flexible approach which can be implemented on different platforms for web application development. An apt website made by our expert will help you in getting high traffic.

International Support

We have a proficiency in XHTML, AJAX, CSS, JavaScript and HTML5. We have our clients worldwide who gets the opportunity to choose from the wide range of development team.

Configurable Media Manager

We deliver you large scale websites with customizable and extensible codes. This will improve your performance.

Promotional Campaign Management

IT Chimes offers you with the websites that doesn’t have complexity in designing. Get a speedy and fine finishing for attracting huge traffic to your E-Commerce websites.

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