1. Include a Call-to-Action graphic

Call-to-Action graphicCreate a Landing Page. This serves as an interface wherein you can entice the visitors into turning fans for your company. You should create a call-to-action graphic in the landing tab and it helps you get the desired LIKES from your visitors.

Example: Red Bull’s “Red Bull” tab has nothing but a call-to-action on it.

2. Embed a YouTube video on the page

YouTube video on the pageYou must ensure that you have an image in place whenever you decide to post a video on Facebook. It is pertinent to note that Facebook does not allow the flash to run immediately and it needs to be launched with a click. It is better to let the visors view the picture that captures their attention, than have them stare at the blank box.

3. Hide content from non-fans to generate curiosity

Hide content from non-fans to generate curiosityYou should create an aura filled with curiosity to keep your visitors guessing. This can be done by preparing an interesting teaser campaign on the Facebook Landing Page. The teaser should only give a sneak peek into the product and divulge no details. The visitors should be given the option to probe the teaser in detail by clicking on the Like button to become a fan.

4. Generate comments on the products

Generate comments on the productsYou must set up a feature that enables the fans and visitors to view the products and comment on them. Adding this feature on your Facebook Landing Page can help you promote the product by getting fans to comment on them.

5. Attach Share Button

Attach Share ButtonRemember to add the Share Button. Sharing is a very quick and informal way of promotion and advertisement. Include the Share button on your Landing Page to allow the Facebook users share just anything posted on the Landing Page. Add the URL you wish to share in the code and once a person uses the Share button, all his friends will see this URL in their news feed.

6. Include Flash Content

Include Flash ContentYou must add content in Flash to make the Landing Page look attractive and appealing. But do not forget to add a preview image that the fans and visitors can look at while the Flash launches at its own pace. The preview image acts as a catalyst and keeps the visitors’ interest in the website alive.

7. Include the Image Rollover feature

Include the Image Rollover featureImage Rollover is not magic. It is simply a trick wherein a set of images keeps rolling one after the other. It is a fascinating feature to keep the viewers hooked to the screen. You can use your creativity to make it more appealing. This trick plainly involves HTML and CSS that are supported by FBML Box.

8. Use Google Analytics

Use Google AnalyticsIf you think Facebook analytics is limited in terms of information, you must then create a new account in Google Analytics using the Facebook page URL. You can set the Google Analytics on your Facebook page.

9. Attach the Invite Your Friends box

Attach the Invite Your Friends boxMake sure to integrate the Invite Your Friends box into your Facebook Landing Page. This page is a little hard to embed but is a great option to spread your popularity. This option lets the visitors choose their friends from the existing friends’ list and send invites to them to your page.

10. Use Pop-Up Dialog to hide content

 Pop-Up Dialog to hide contentIf you think your Landing Page is a too crammed with content, you can hide some of it beneath then pop-up-boxes. The code adds a text link, which results in a pop-up dialog text box.


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