Google has rolled out the new “smart” features, like in market audience for search along with its “smart bidding” functionality through a new bid strategy called ‘maximum conversions’.  After blending these features with the current ones like Smart Display Campaigns and Universe App, one thing is clear i.e, the future of PPC lies in machine learning.

Transforming role to a PPC strategist

There will be change in the nature of the role with the coming of machine learning. All the value brought by PPc professional will depended on their ability to create strategy. Those who can see the real big picture with comprehensive understanding of marketplace and can connect PPC growth to overall digital marketing program will win.

We have compiled the effective ways in which you can adapt new dynamics. Let’s get started!


1.Google Smart Bidding

Google smart bidding inculcates target roas, maximize conversions, target cpa and enhanced cpc bidding strategies. Machine learning bidding can analyze thousands of ‘signals’ that helps in understanding the audience and potential converts. A huge amount of data gets processed by Google in real time. Based on this factor, AdWords system optimizes bid to place valuable advertisers in the auctions.

One of the crucial point when using smart bidding is not to lose hope too soon. You can experience inconsistency in the beginning of the performance as system needs time to learn. But gradually, you will observe growth in the efficiency and volume of cpa with immense improvement in the performance.

Controlled and well thought test are required for the new strategies to eliminate risk to your account.


2. Smart Display Campaigns

These campaigns are totally controlled by machine learning. Simply enter your budget and account’s target cpa with ad assets like images and headlines. Eventually, your system will start learning and optimizing towards your objective. Similar to smart bidding, let your system learn by allowing smart display campaigns accrue traffic and performance data. Always remember, Google machines will optimize easily with more data.


3. In- Market Audiences

For several years, this feature has been there for display network and will now roll out for search. Google identifies signals like conversion history, prior search and content getting consumed to discover those who are at the final stage of buying cycle or are most likely to get convert. The sole way to discover these user types is by machine learning and machine’s ability to crunch huge amount of data on an auction in real time by auction basis.

Well, this is an exciting time for PPC industry. Machine learning provides opportunities to learn more and execute even faster. But everything has a flip side to it. Machine learning can’t translate all the derived data from PPC into coherent strategies. The ability to take big picture into consideration while creating strategy will increase your value and influence.

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