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Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is an internet-based advertising model where the advertiser doesn’t need to pay for listing, but only need pay the hosting model when the add is clicked. It offers a hassle-free, method to advertise your products and services, bringing instant traffic to your website.

IT Chimes is a leading Pay Per Click Management company, with Google Adword certified account managers. Using PPC helps boost lead generation thus increasing business for your company. As a result, you achieve a higher ranking on the internet. We specialize in conducting PPC campaigns for various popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN etc.

Modular PPC Management

We at IT Chimes have developed a four-step process to optimize on your PPC investment.

  • To begin with, we research & identify potential cost-effective keywords that can be used for your business
  • These selected keywords are carefully tested to make sure they generate the right results. This is an important part of our PPC services because it ensures that you get the results you are aiming for.
  • Next, the results are analyzed and the entire process is refined in line with the testing reports.
  • We work on the entire campaign until we ensure you get satisfactory results

We recommend PPC services to our clients while simultaneously running SEO, so we derive the best utilization of resources. Our proven and result oriented methods enable our clients to achieve top sponsored rankings with a set of specific and focused keywords.

Following are the processes for the Pay Per Click Services campaign:

  • Work to increase the volume of traffic
  • Keyword research and selection
  • Creating PPC adds
  • Placing Bids
  • Pay Per Click bid management
  • Monitoring ad campaigns
  • Working in sync with the client to ensure desired results
  • Campaign ROI Analysis

All these services lead to higher sales, and an increased ROI and profit. Using PPC services, you only pay for results, making it an effective and often affordable way to drive traffic to your site.

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