When running a business and managing things is not enough, the absolute worst is the cleaning up of the mess done by the web development company. This is the most frustrating time when you trust a company to do one task and they waste all your money and time.

But all of this makes you learn a lesson for the next time when you transfer your job to other designers or designing company that how important it is to ask questions before you hire anyone to entrust them with your task. But what if you have already hired someone? How will you know whether they are the right fit to do your task?

3 Reasons Your Developer Sucks at What he does

#1. He cannot implement certain things you like

Disclaimer: Certain things are really not possible. For example, you can’t create websites that can hypnotize visitors to make them visit again and again. But we’re talking about reasonable things like site features or capabilities that you like to see.

You’re working with your web development project manager and you see another site that has some cool 3D features. You ask your developer “Can we do something like that?” Your designer tells you NO- that’s not possible. How is it possible that someone else has already implemented it and it’s impossible for us. Well let’s say it’s not your designer’s fault to say No to you for some logical reasons like:

  • It isn’t possible based on the budget that was initially decided between you and the development company in the contract.
  • It isn’t possible because of the way your site is configured.
  • It isn’t possible because it will look horrible or limit other important capabilities of the website.

But these are reasons are something like can be worked upon mutually and can be openly discussed between you and the development company. Most of the what really happens is when your developer says “No, that’s not possible”, what he really means is” I don’t know how to do it”. And while no one can be an expert on everything, if you’re working with someone who can’t give you the things you like to see in your website- reasonable or logical things, then it is really the time to ask yourself – why?

#2. Development company was the cheapest one you could find

Isn’t it a universally applicable thing- when your budget is as low as the cheapest one for the development company to work for, they assign your project to some newly hired fresh graduate or underskilled employee. She got off her grad school and got her first project.

When you hire a web developing company that offers you a website costing only Rs.10000/- or so then I must tell you that your project will not be handled by some highly skilled and experienced professional. People who know what their time and effort is worth will not come cheap.

#3. Their Work is not update-proof

Will you be satisfied to have a website that was made on a language that will not be supported by many popular browsers in the next two years. No, right? Best way is to get your website made on HTML5 language which is widely supported by almost all the browsers.

You have to have a website that is update proof for plugins or to the WordPress core. WordPress is undoubtedly an awesome CMS but there are other CMSs available in the market. Ask your developer to use any of the popular CMSs and make your website in such a way that it becomes easy to update content on it or to add-on any plugin for even a sixth grader.


You have to be very choosy while selecting a web development company, ask good questions and interrogate their knowledge base. The time you spend being picky in the beginning will pay you off big time down the road to development. And if you’re out to purchase something of good quality then understand that all good quality stuff does not comes cheap. Being cheap is not always the solution.

Most importantly, talk to the development company’s former clients. This is for sure that no one will mind telling you if they faced any kind of difficulty while choosing to work with xyz web development company.


Parmod KumarParmod is a web development veteran with a vast expertise of working on industry-leading technologies like Wordpress, JQuery, Javascript, CSS, and PHP. When he’s not busy coding the next big thing, you will find him reading about the latest and greatest in the development industry.

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