Tips To Improve Your Social MediaWhat is Social Media Optimization?

Social Media Optimization has increased the number of ways to reach the targeted audience through the social platforms. With joining to various relevant social networking sites, you can boost your business. Moreover, creating your own business blog, adding RSS feeds can improvise SMO.  

Social media is a powerful tool and has a viral behavior. Whatever you share on social media can create buzz instantly. If you are a business professional who uses Social Media frequently to establish a brand, this mode is worth relying upon.

Increasing visibility on social networks and websites can be helpful in driving traffic. Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a process to create awareness about the product or brand with the help of social outlets to generate viral publicity.  SMO can influence the social presence of a website. Let us explore the latest tools that can help in optimizing the Social Media Network:  

1. Social Networking

The social networking platforms like: Facebook, Friendster, Myspace and Instagram are the most renowned and efficient to raise the social presence of your brand.  

2. Blogs

Blogs are the most famous tool to reflect your business. Add blogs such as Dosh Dosh, Boing Boing or Mashable to your website. The collaboration of presenting the informative content with these sites can improve the optimization of your Social Media.

3. Collaborative tools

The most important collaborative tool is of course Google. Apart from that, Zoho and Zimbra are also great examples of collaboratives sites.

4. Infographics sharing

For sharing videos platforms like YouTube and Kyte are extremely useful. In order to share photos Zoom, Flicker or Smugmug are preferred. Whereas, to share audios websites such as Blogtalk Radio or ODEO are must be used.

5. Business networking

Networking the brand with various sites can lead to better business relationships. The essential websites like LinkedIn, eAcademy or or XING can benefit the website presence.   

6. Wikis

Association with Wikipedia, TWiki or Wetpaint can boost the website business gradually as these are the most searched sites.

7. Social tagging

The websites such as Reddit, Digg and can be tagged on social network and a lot of traffic can be attracted.

Why social media optimization?

  • You can reach out to a large number of audience on various platforms.
  • The targeted audience can be reached out without paying much advertisement fees.
  • The use of social websites can increase your page rank and drive more traffic.
  • Credibility can also been built by participating in relevant forum.
  • The user data that is available on the website help the target audience to get required information.

How to get most out of your Social Media efforts?

  • Create a compelling content which is informative and individualistic. Keep the content unique and engaging in order to engage visitors.
  • Syndicate your posts intelligently to focus on the your important works. Syndicating all your work would not be noticed. Just prioritise the powerful keywords and link them to your blogs and individual posts.
  • Funnel back your audience to your site by adding call to actions to all your work and blogs. Opt for free reports, giveaways and teasers in order attract the audience.
  • Engage your audience with latest feeds and constant replies of the visitors. Keep buzzing on your page. Make “live feed” and “news feed” on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram handles.

These are some essential tips to Optimise the Social Media networks with your brand. It will gradually bring a visible change in the marketing strategy. For any further query, you can contact us anytime.



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