It was a warm May Saturday, when Saffronites put on their chef caps and broke their monotonous routine, as it was a special occasion centered on the idea – ‘Beat the Heat’. Everybody including bosses and team members of Saffron Tech had to dress in smart and short summer clothes. All the girls looked drop-dead gorgeous in chic-style dresses, and clothed in light colored shorts and capris were the charming boys of Saffron.

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In competitive yet good spirits the ‘Master Chef’ game was on. The entire staff came prepared with fresh veggies, perfect for the season drinks and some all-time favorite Indian cuisines. Grouped in different teams, Saffronites joyously planned recipes with their fellow team mates. With intense competition, all team members were well-prepared to beat their dear colleagues and wear the winning hat. So yes the game was literally on!

While some were chopping the veggies for preparing a saucy subway, others thought of sticking to the ever-green Indian dish called poha (flattened rice). Who knew inside the IT professionals, were some hidden expert cooks? The mouth-watering dishes compelled even those who were busy to leave their work and join in the fun. It was them who were handled the responsibility of deciding which team was the real master chef. As they say ‘there is only one winner’, we wished everybody enjoyed a happy Saturday and forget the competition and indulge completely in a party mood. Tough as it was to decide the best among so many talented cooks, so our sincere bosses thought to let the day pass in a light-hearted manner and decided to announce the results later.

Not to miss on the interesting folding paper game. Yet again the same team members actively participated and had an amazing time playing the unique game. There were no tags such as senior and junior, everyone come together and with the best efforts tried to make their team win. Using different body parts, the team members had to hold the paper. We could witness the funniest poses around while different teams were juggling with papers. The folding paper game turned out to be a big hit, and we look forward to something like that again.

Now it was time to groove to the beats of the top chart busters of bollywood! The Saffron teams have some real good talents, and dancing is one of them. The dancing floor was set on fire by the contemporary moves of Saffronites. And yes there were few melodious voices among us that made the evening even more soothing.

Between the work deadlines, it is good to have celebrations like these where you can just let your hair down and mingle with your colleagues. It was indeed an overwhelming sight to see your staff gelling along so well.


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