Nowadays, corporate house prefers to define their web presence with something more than just a website. Apart from having a simple website, they also seek to have their own corporate portal, which is known as Enterprise portal. An enterprise portal is also termed as an enterprise information portal (EIP). An EIP can be described as a framework that integrates integrating information about people and processes of any organization. Enterprise portals are developed over advanced CMS and are made accessible to employees of the organizations through a secure unified access point. These portals are developed aggregating and personalizing the information with the help of application specific Portlets. Protlets refers to pluggable user interface software components. The main striking feature of enterprise portal is that its information always remains updated as it is supported with de-centralized content management and contribution.

Other fundamental features of EIP include single Sign-On, which means the user has to make a single sign-in proving his authenticity to get access to various systems within the portal. Some more features are Customization, Personalization, Access control, enterprise search etc. Customization is a feature that allows the user to customize the look of their environment; also they are provided with tools to edit and design their own web sites within the web portal. Besides, users can choose and prioritize their preferred content. The “personalization” feature of EPI is basically about matching the content of a web portal with the user.  Based on a user profile or job role, the services or the content of the web portal is matched upon. While customization is in the users’ hand, personalization is the admins hand. Besides, these portals are also provided with access control, which regulates who can access what content. For instant certain content will be accessible to the managerial staff only while some content to the bosses only. Besides, most of the EIP are provided with enterprise search aloes.


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