Business thrives on growth and sustenance. Its not a commodity that can suffer stagnancy for long. Every business has has an identity that makes it unique and separates it from the rest. This identity is commonly known as ‘Brand’. A brand name is what distinguishes a Reebok shoe from an Adidas one or a local generic shoe brand.
Without the unique Brand name and value, it wouldn’t be possible to have individual market share of each company or even brand value for that matter. Thus, Brand Name is crucial and should always share a positive lime light.
Each company, business, agency has the sole ambition and goal to promote their brand and acquire more customers and clients while maintain g the existing ones. Thats the key to a successful enterprise. From the perspective of market, it is every company’s sole purpose to be identified as the top in their field of expertise.
Lets take a look at few ways through which you can ensure a positive company growth as well as attain a position of market dominance.

1. Customer Relation and Service
The foundation of a good company lies on the amount of customers it has and the kind of relations it maintains. Customers shouldn’t be treated as a one time resource. Having customers and clients come back time and again for your products and services is validation of the fact that your company is doing something right.

Today, the customers also have access to the Internet all over and therefore should not be treated as unaware and dumb. Make that mistake and you have already axed the branch you are sitting on. Instead of complaining about their nagging and complaining attributes, you should focus on how to painlessly address their concerns and demands without compromising on your business standards.
Many companies often take the ‘chameleon approach’ (as I’d like to call it). What it means is that when trying to acquire new clients and customers the company goes out of its way to provide for them. Once the deal is made or a product or service is sold, often they either neglect the customer or stop delivering on the promised grounds, thereby, diminishing the company value straight at hand.
Although the direct negative impacts are far and few to be even noticeable, but in the long run it becomes evident and more often than not it could spell deadly for the company’s growth and brand name.
Therefore, it is lethal that a standard of customer service and quality is maintained through out, not just with the new ones but also with the existing ones.

2. Stay in the Limelight
Staying in the limelight is an important aspect for that growing brand name. Otherwise your business runs the risk of fizzing out as soon as it skyrocketed and thats something you surely wouldn’t want.
You can post interesting updates about your organization, team, services, and anything that reflects positively about your business. People need to see your name or products constantly to know that you are In the game and it takes a long time to have the brand imbibed in the consumer’s conscience.

Nicole Smartt, co-founder of Petaluma Young Professional Network, has written in great detail regarding this process, and is an insightful read for those who are interested.

3. Deliver on your Promises
It is easy to boast about unlimited amount of customizations, offers and after sale services on the website. It is even easy for a capable salesperson or marketer to convince the client or user regarding the services offered and timelines of the same. But not every company who promises the moon can deliver it and in-turn hampers their brand image and name.
In the viscous market full of cut throat competition, it is very hard to repair a damaged reputation and the best of the bests know it and work upon it.
It is important to analyze your own strengths and weaknesses as a company and based on that you should propose realistic services to the consumers even if at a point of time, it doesn’t make your company lucrative enough. Business isn’t a sprint. Its a marathon. Therefore offering realistic goals and delivering upon them helps build trust and in turn boosts your brand value and image in the long haul.

4. Engage the Audience
Building relationships with clients and customers is key to a successful brand image. It doesn’t mean that you start stalking the user profiles on Facebook or Twitter. Think of hosting friendly and informative webinars, podcasts or even quarterly contests providing a platform for interaction for the customers and clients as well as general public.

This not only helps to keep your brand name in the minds of the existing users but through hosting interactive programs, word-of-mouth promotion increases and many new people also get to know and draw an interest in your brand thereby increasing your authority and visibility in the market.

Competition will always exist in the market and many many brands will rise and perish each day. What separates the men from the boys is just the tactics and strategies that they employ. Planning, Analysis, and Delivery are the key things upon which your business can grow manifolds and dominate the market.


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