Funitvity and Bashes in the Saffron Family

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Life here at Saffron is fantastic. Or should I say, FUNtastic. Our members here work dedicatedly throughout the year, round the clock and every once in a while the company rewards its team with fun filled events, celebrations and activities. This healthy balance of work and play within the team raises the spirit and everyone goes home happy, all thanks to our very own Funtivities.

The last month saw the celebration of birthdays in a collaborated Birthday Special bash hrown out by the company to the Birthday stars – Sagar Sehgal, Sabah Noor, Jitender Tanwar and Deepak Kumar.

There was a traditional Birthday Cake Cutting Ceremony. Our MDs Gaurav Sabharwal and Vibhu Satpaul were the gracious hosts of the event. The Birthday boys blew out the candles and cut the cake as the entire pool of members sang in unison, wishing them a long and prosperous life.