E-Commerce websites are one of the most important types of websites that rely heavily on the internet for their sales and marketing of their products. Since they are into the ‘E-Commerce’ industry, it is suffice to say that their website is the gateway to their sore and all their presentation and salesmanship value lies within that website itself.

Therefore, the most important step for any business that wishes to take to the online retail industry, is to develop an optimized and top notch website that resonates with their unique brand style and value and generate optimum sales and eventual conversions.

In this article, I have tried to put forth a list of bare essential tips that you might want to have a look at especially if you are developing or are getting your E-Commerce website developed by some developer.


Choosing the Right Developer

Laying the first foundations of the website, right upto its final testing and launch phase is just like building your own mansion. It takes a vision, dream and a proper plan of action in order to completely implement the feasible ideas.

I lay stress on feasibility because, to have all your ideas incorporated within you website might just ruin its responsibility and clutter the work area. Therefore, fine tuning and filtering of only essential content and features is important to have the optimum relativity of the products and their target customers.

Choosing the appropriate web development company is crucial to the final outcome of your site, and believe me you want it to be the best! Hence, a thorough check regarding quality, integrity, customer service and financial feasibility is a must.


‘Tech’xperience & Projects

As a Website/business owner, the first important thing, in my opinion, is to inquire about the experience of the Development firm. Experience plays a crucial role n understanding the assets of the company and whether they will be able to deliver the promised results and with what accuracy.

Also at the same time it is highly advisable to understand the technical expertise of the company. Technical expertise of a firm dictates how well prepared they are in terms of development platforms and updates so as to deliver the best quality standard of the present time.

Lastly, in this criteria, you might want to add an inspection of their previous projects that they have delivered. Previous projects provide insightful details about the company that may even get lost in translation while talking about objectives.


Strategy Provision and Plan of Action

A thoroughly professional company, has a certain work regime, and a transparent plan of action. This is presented as a strategy of execution. This is presented by any and every professional company once the project kicks off.
The objective of the strategy is to clearly highlight the things that will be incorporated in the development process along with their date of deliverance. You are free to ask any question that you may have regarding the technical process as well as the over all process in general.


Realistic Deadlines

Time is Money. It is a common yet very apt statement considering our daily lives in this information age. Everything is measured and calculated in a way that there is little to no room for respite.
Every project is therefore required to have a date of delivery and the company must prove its mettle by delivering the output on time. This is as crucial a point as any other out there.
Web development process takes time and resources, therefore it is recommended to not shoot for the sky when setting deadlines. Maybe the company delivers within a short deadline, but there is a high chance that the quality will suffer or some loose ends could remain. Therefore, it is advisable to set realistic expectations while setting deadlines and then ensuring that the developing company can deliver within it.


The Price Puzzle

Last but not the least on your Pre-Development checklist is Cost. Sometimes all of the aforementioned criteria are nicely met by the firm, but they charge some exorbitant rates of services which often can sabotage your dream website.

Therefore, it is a good idea to keep a rough tab n how much the entire project is roughly going to cost and if you are financially ready to invest that amount. Once that is out of the way, you have all the green lit go ahead.

It is best to analyze the price quotation that is ongoing in the market. In your research, never settle for the first company you see that shows promise. Investigate and draw a chart of how much cost the entire project is going to cost.


Parmod KumarParmod is a web development veteran with a vast expertise of working on industry-leading technologies like Wordpress, JQuery, Javascript, CSS, and PHP. When he’s not busy coding the next big thing, you will find him reading about the latest and greatest in the development industry.

Keeping himself abreast and staying on top of the latest development trends is what he loves the most and his astounding work is a pure testament of that.