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In a fast growing technically globalised world, HTML 5 and JavaScript have gained huge importance and theses words (HTML5 and JavaScript) are no more just a buzz but a reality of excellence. With browsers implementing more HTML5 features across platforms and devices, developers are starting to integrate many of the new features and frameworks into their web apps, websites and web designs.

Even though HTML5 has set its own standard, the power of HTML5 is best realized with the use of CSS 3 and JavaScript. JavaScript, in particular has quickly emerged as one of the best ways to help render great looking effects, animations and content in a self-contained, platform-agnostic way.

It’s a new trendJava Script2

HTML5 has many new features. There is new HTML, CSS and of course, JavaScript.Officially HTML5 specification and implementation will not be ready until year 2022. Personally we get to see that majority of JavaScript features like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera have already been applied in modern browsers. Even Internet Explorer gained capability to render canvas and other stuff (supposing we use Explorer Canvas or Chrome Frame). Take a closer look at what’s going to change your life for better.

It’s a Success storyHow Javascript Html5 Are Leading

News reviews and media reports state that html5 is a huge success in the field of web development. From apple products to mobile technologies and android, applications are using html 5 and JavaScript very feasibly and successfully. In brief testing of the app on the iPad, I found feedly to be among the fastest news reading apps that I’ve ever seen. Notably, it’s much faster to load and navigate between feeds than flip board, and it also has the added advantage of synchronizing across the iPhone and iPad. I can already see feedly being more useful to me for that fact alone. Flip board, on the other hand, has always struck me as something that aims for style over productivity.

To End Up

Although HTML 5 is new in the market, it has been sited as a web leader globally, providing numerous opportunities in mobile technologies (android, etc.). The development in HTML 5 is considered a mark of new beginning to faster and more analytical web world.


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