There have been many inputs from all across board on HR and other spaces. Every company has its own way of working and has circumstances in which they would need to live in in order to find the right candidate for their job.

Few things that are a must measure

  1. Commitment: To some commitment comes naturally and can be traced in the history of work they have done. This can be accomplished by indication of prior work or a chance provided to them after a sudden situation that might have arisen personally. Commitment is highly necessary in today’s world, as most of candidates want the job to run their homes. Commitment comes within and the best way to know would be how they have been working in the past. So questions that arise the response to this should be asked. Commitment also revolves around initiation, self-motivation and strong work ethics. Most of them are related to candidates past history.
  2. Workability: One of the most prominent things that are difficult to judge but during interview a pun of conversations can take place which could get a person to high and low aggressions to really test how the candidate performs and reacts. This would show you how they would work with you if a situation arises which would need their workability to actually deal with them. Sometimes a candidate can come across as easy to influence, which can govern some working decisions of a candidate. All of these are part of the workability of the candidate with your company.
  3. Wavelength: If the wavelength of the candidate matches with the company the efficiency improves. Few of the things why they wish to join and what motivates them to a specific domain can assist you in knowing if they are on the same page as your organization is.
  4. Background: To know what happened in the past gives a clear picture of how the candidate usually is. So a background check must be done at the time or after hiring to know if all is fine with the candidate. This should also be done at the personality matching level.
  5. Required Skill set: This is usually not a breaker but match up of skill set is a process that needs to be clearly be defined on the job profile. Max match and correct match up are essential for filtering and processing and the right ones would show up for the job.
  6. Understanding of the job and company: Job is a separate thing but understanding how the company works is the most important aspect. At times there are jobs a candidate would love to work on but is not inclined with the company way of working. The understanding of the company and how they run the entire process needs to be clearly defined at the level of selection.

Hope this helps you choose the right candidate for your job and assists the candidate of what the company might be looking for.


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