There should be no reason for low-quality mobile experience. Whether you’re an online business, publishing firm, or developer of apps, your mobile application and presence is a significant connection point that you need to have with customers.

mobile app componentsEven though this is already known, many firms still enter the mobile development process with a purpose sense at all. The lack in vision leads to negative impacts mainly unsatisfied customers, low rates of conversion, and limited opportunities for advancements and growth.

Here are five important tips you need to be aware of to progress in the world of mobile development.


Understand what you’re getting yourself into

Having a mobile presence is the iceberg’s tip. Nate Boohard, North Face’s previous brand manager, understood that when his firm created it first mobile application. He himself explains that it was hard work and there is no way an application could be launched and then think that it is over. Customers will always expect

He himself explains that it was hard work and there is no way an application could be launched and then think that it is over. Customers will always expect application to be updated and this needs continuous monitoring and maintenance. Whether you’re launching a mobile application or website, it is essential that you commit your time and resources to make sure that your investment isn’t wasted.


A clear and understood business aim

So why are you even building this application? Are you doing it to educate customers? Enhance sales? Enhance brand loyalty?

mobile application

Just like in earlier days, many firms believed they needed mobile applications, but didn’t really understand why. To be able to create a high quality mobile application, you require an object to assess against it.

If the main aim is to continuously educate consumers, then the application doesn’t really provide content or information for mobile consumption, but incentives to look for additional information through extra channels (like at events, materials that can be downloaded, etc.). On another note, if the main goal here is to make transactions, then the application has to offer a navigation structure that assists users in a quick and easy manner through completing certain tasks.

  • Know your right audience

Users of mobile applications behave in a different way from individuals who visit websites from their computers. It is important to understand what consumers want to accomplish from downloading and using your application, even if you are already aware of your business aims and objectives.

An example of this would be hotwire; a company that designed its application mainly for hotel booking that are last minute. The company understood its target audience. In other words, the application fulfilled the need of the target audience.


Vanity metrics aren’t as important as you think

Congratulations! The application was downloaded 100,000 times. Guess what, this really isn’t important at all. The amount of downloads you get doesn’t translate into profit or the connection you have with customers. When someone downloads your application, but doesn’t really use it, this isn’t a success at all. When you think about it, there is always a chance that someone would have even downloaded it by mistake. An example of this is the draw something application. It had many downloads but the amount actually decreased from 27 million to 8 million in 7 months alone. Even though these metrics do look better in progress reports, they actually indicate an application continued relevance, influence of behavior, and effect on business aims and objectives.


Choosing the right type of technology

There are a lot more to selecting the right technology than choosing operating systems or the right plug-in systems.

You will have to access application analytics in details and use procedures for testing that enable you to correctly measure comparative performance of various application iterations. Choosing the right technology is an important factor for driving operational and business results. There is no point in creating a mobile application and releasing it if it doesn’t have the right technology incorporated in it.

There are various benefits associated with creating mobile applications, but you have to get a smarter approach to realize all potential advantages. If you successfully avoid development pitfalls, this will assist you increasing the satisfaction rate of users, and developing a powerful connection with customers that enhance business results.

Millions of people all over the world now own mobile phones and the easiest way you can communicate, reach, and contact them using a high quality mobile application. This is why it is essential that you take the time in developing the application properly and actually invest your time in understand what customers need and want to get from using this application.


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