Today PHP Developers are in very high demand. There are many reasons for that and the complete understanding of these reasons will help you make better decisions.PHP is a free web programming platform. This along with Linux and mySQL incur costs equivalent to only that of the programmer and web developers.

Now, one might wonder that from so many other development platforms like Java and .NET, why should one opt for PHP over the others. There are plenty of reasons which have lead to its success. Some of the reasons why PHP has a greater edge over the others are mentioned below.

One very powerful web development platform is .NET. This is the software Microsoft had launched to ensure that it could take care of any application you could imagine; of course a programmer is a must for it. But, this is not economical as compared to PHP which does not even require a Windows environment to run. Thus effectively cost is reduced for the software and the operating system. Everything used for PHP based applications is free, thus very profitable, incurring the cost of only the programmer.

Another language in the league is Java. But it is known that Java is a complicated software as compared to PHP. Java programmers are said to be too old in the business to ensure the complete usage of the platform. Java also depends on the server while PHP does not. By using PHP one can come up with a huge array of websites and applications used over the internet. Database, content management services and other sites or forums are easy to develop using PHP.

It is these features and the cost effectiveness of PHP which has made it so popular among businessmen and developers. A full functional website created in minimum cost is what you get from using PHP. Website development uses this software to give a boost to the performance of the scripting languages. PHP is a very common scripting language and gives the benefits of object oriented programming. It is also more compatible with databases including Oracle, to begin with, SQL and also ODBC.

It is these extra benefits which make PHP development the most popular choice amongst the mass of businessmen. If one wants a completely functional website at an economic rate then PHP is definitely the choice you are looking for.


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