Saffron Tech Expands into S2

in Life @ IT Chimes


In April this year, Saffron had celebrated 7 years of success. In lieu of the growth in terms of projects as well as team strength, it was decided that it is time that Saffron expands its infrastructure to facilitate more room for operations.

On May 20th, Saffron inaugurated the new office, commonly known as S2 amongst the colleagues. Located right behind the Saket Metro station in Said ul Ajaib, S2 is easily accessible and comes with modern infrastructure.

The Interiors are designed reflecting the appropriate jazz factor, that Saffron carries. The workstations are provided with pin-boards and transparent marker boards so that each employee can customize their workstations and strike a balance between work and fun.

This expansion also has also opened up a lot of opportunities for the talented candidates who are looking to make a career in the IT Sector. With more projects, more teams are put in place to ensure no project is neglected.