21st century is better known as the ‘Internet age’. More and more businesses are now selling their products and services on the world wide web.  And why not for e-commerce happens to the finest medium to market your business. Speaking of e-commerce, we couldn’t skip past but mention the cutting-edge Magento application. All the online businesses out there must be thankful to the one who introduced this excellent application since it offers a flawless online shopping platform.

Built with highly advanced features Magento portal development enables you to control the content, look and also the functionality of the e commerce website that are running.  You can alter your website according to your specific business needs and avail from the absolutely beneficial advantages that Magento offers.

Accelerate the conversions on your Magento powered e-commerce web portal

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1) Fasten up the page loading– We are leading super fast paced lives, aren’t we? So none of the visitors would be interested in waiting for endless hours that your websites pages would take to load.  Businesses who have a humongous catalog should pay extra heed to this one, since long loading time can have a straight impact on your conversions.

2) Don’t fake the live chat window option– Great if you have added the facility of live chat in your site, but hang on does that really work or it is merely a bait to lure consumers? Note that, a functional live chat window can boost-up your conversion rate unimaginably as it gives you the opportunity to provide immediate response to all the queries.

3) Smooth navigation is a must– If users are able to navigate easily through your site, then there are considerably higher chances that they will visit you again. Poor navigation will only turn off visitors, so keep it simple and avoid making a maze with numerous navigation bars or those unwanted navigation clicks.

4) Easy to understand checkout process– Many online businesses tend to underestimate the importance of checkout process. Did you know that it can make you lose consumers? With that lengthy checkout process, you are only causing annoyance to your consumers.  Keep the checkout process for as minimum steps as possible.

5) Incorporate videos on your homepage– Trust is a major factor in the online world, and if you want your consumers to rely on you then uploading a video showing different aspects of your company is a brilliant idea.  They will be able to relate to you thus, generating more trust.

6) Surprise your consumers with rewards– We all love surprises, don’t we? Offer special discounts to the consumers and they will love you for it. If you have ever heard about customer retention rate, then you should know that it gives an opportunity to multiply your conversion rate. Persuade the visitors to buy something by rewarding them with discount coupons and so on. This ultimately will help in maintaining their interest.

7) Have your own USP– The Internet is dumped with countless e-commerce web applications, so how do you plan to stand out from them? Unique selling points like free shipping, easy returns etc can help you in this.

So what are you waiting for, make the best use of these above mentioned tips and witness the drastic improvements in your conversion rates for a Magento e-commerce web portal.



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