I hope you know what IBM “5 in 5” is. In case you don’t know, it is where IBM predicts the future of computing. And, they have come up with this year’s “5 in 5” too and it says, smartphones, tablets (computers in short) will grow 5 aspects in five years which till now were only for living creatures.

According to IBM, the computers will be able to Touch, See, Smell, Hear and Taste. I know that you would point to Siri or Google Voice which can already ‘hear’ it.  Google Goggles can already ‘see it.  But how about, asking your smartphone, How the Hyderabadi Dam Biriyani smells and in a few seconds it gives you an answer. No wait, no long text, the phone answers you by smelling like Biriyani.  How about asking how Giorgio Armani’s latest launch feels on the skin and getting the feeling on your smartphone’s display? Too exciting even to think of it, right?

What next for smartphones? Image courtesy: freemake.com
What next for smartphones? Image courtesy: freemake.com

Well, IBM isn’t known for its marketing insight really, it gave away PC business during 1970s because it felt it was just a ‘niche business’ which isn’t worthy enough to have IBM interested in it.  Moreover, if we look into the past “5 in 5”  not a great accuracy is there either. Let’s check the 2007 list which should have been true by this year, 2012.

  • It will be easy to be green and save money doing it == err, what IBM?
  • The way you drive will be completely different = yes, we can now get stuck using Apple Maps
  • You are what you eat, so you should know what you’re eating = what do you even mean!!!
  • Your cell phone will be your wallet, ticket broker, concierge, bank, shopping buddy and more = bang on target.. correcto mundo..
  • Doctors will have enhanced super-senses to better diagnose and treat you = well, last time I went for a flu check up, it was the same old experience…

So, IBM got 20% correct. This is exactly why I am highly excited but not exactly too expectant. But on the positive side, even if 20% of these futuristic dreams, that is when I ask for the smell of my mom’s special Biriyani and it brings me the smell from a roadside restaurant from Karachi, I wouldn’t be too unhappy, would I? Think of Google Goggles and Siri..most of the time they give so absurd results that you feel like kicking them on their face. But they are improving and if this dream of IBM is achieved in even 20 years, my ward will be blogging happily about it.


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